Gig List for The Kings Head Burgess Hill Closes April 2012 Live Fri and Saturdays, Karaoke Tuesdays

Anyone with any more info please email the editor of this gig guide! This listing site will be kept open for gig guides of other venues as and when they appear. Please keep the editor informed of any interesting venues.

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Welcome to this New Kings Head Burgess Hill Gig List...
Sad to report Pub Owners have pulled the plug and venue is being boarded up in Early April 2012

Last Live Music Tonight 31st March 2012 with Magic Taxi at 9.30pm.

This was such a fitting end for this amazing Burgess Hill Pub called The Kings Head. Many hundreds witnessed Benjamino, Alex and Danny playing such and excellent set. How we have missed hearing Magic Taxi live! The energy this 3-piece can offer is something not to be missed. If only the management upstairs had realised that Burgess Hill does still need a venue such as this! This maybe the end of The Kings Head, but only the beginning of the next phase! Lets hope another quality venue can arise from the ashes.

Two videos John has just sent over! Many thanks John!! Maybe I should put a few more up!

Certainly I know of many! Any suggestions welcomed!

First 2 are of Magic Taxi on this special evening and

Pub number is 01444 232185 (open till 1am on fri and sat eves!)

102 London Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex RH15 8NB

Like me, you maybe want to know the bands booked for the coming weeks, with links to the bands websites. This is an independant site which will be kept running if owners change as they have a few times over the years... Bands, if you know you have a gig coming up, please email using this link and we will enter the details and hopefully the publican will supply us with regular updates. The pub is feeling a lot better recently, let us hope these listings will be useful for us all....

Please note that there maybe last minute cancelations of Gigs.. our lists are gained in advance. If anyone notices any changes on the washed out blackboards outside... please email this site so changes can be made as some do travel a fair distance. Many Thanks!

As far as we are aware karaoke is held every Tuesday until the end of March 2012

Function room is available to hire for conferences and private parties again until the end of March 2012

Forthcoming Events (2011):-

Friday 17th June

Elliots Sleeping Roy and Dominic are still at it, With Ella on lead vocals plus new lad Andy on lead guitar.... A good busy night, Good to see The Kings Head alive and buzzing again...

Saturday 18th June The Loz Netto Band Excellent solid 3 piece with some excellent funky base riffs
Friday 24th June The Howlin Blues Band I last saw them on the 11th June playing at The Anchor Inn in Barcombe, a really excellent set, real howling blues!
Saturday 25th June The Scam... to be confirmed.. Unfortunately The Scam pulled out and were replaced by Under The Gun . This was Under The Guns 1st visit to The Kings Head with their Dixie style.
Friday 1st July The amazing BeSharp Jerry, Bob and Darren are an act not to be missed. (they return on fri 23rd Sept and Fri 25th Nov). 1st set starts at 9.30pm. Be there! A gig not to miss!
Saturday 2nd July Rhythm Method are a Brighton based group of dedicated, accomplished and experienced musicians.Attitude and stage presence are what this band is all about, simply covering old songs is not the point.
Fri 8th July The Heroes... excellent vocals.. Country meets Rock. A good band to dance with.. Well worth seeing if they visit again...
Saturday 9th July Iron Tyger.. This will be a busy night, Iron Tyger always give a good performance.
Friday 15th July Tripod Dave is one of the South hardest working Rock and pop covers band with a wealth of experience and love to please the crowd with a great set list of old and new covers.
Saturday 16th July Carbon Skyline .. a very good live covers band, well worth seeing!
Friday 22nd July Joe 90 concentrating on great British tunes, including great tunes from the Mod, 90s Britpop, Two tone and the Baggy era!!! etc etc
Saturday 23rd July Dynamite Baby is a four piece rock and pop guitar based band, bringing classic songs to the pubs and clubs of Sussex England
Friday 29th July I haven't been told officially but it appears IceCream Bikinis are playing on the 29th! On The Rox seem to have cancelled. The Ice Cream Bikinis play a Neapolitan mix of post punk classics, rocked up 60’s hits all lightly sprinkled with some modern pop.*** Now Confirmed by email from Jonathan***.
Saturday 30th July White Light, a lively 4 piece White Light are a lively 4 piece band covering a wide range of tracks from the 1950's through to the present day including songs made famous by The Rolling Stones, T Rex, The Clash, Adam & The Ants, Billy Idol, REM, Oasis, Green Day, Kaiser Chiefs, Killers and Snow Patrol to name but a few
Friday 5th August The Mimics, a few youtube videos are available... I cant find their website, can anyone help?
Saturday 6th August Foul Play Danny, Josh, Chris, Mark & Ian. They are set to return on Sat 8th Oct
Friday 12th August Trapper return with the sounds of the 60's. Songs from the Hollies, Searchers, Beatles and more with memories from Barry on the way!
Saturday 13th August Iron Tyger return with their excellent polished live performance
Friday 19th August 501 band make a welcome return... can anyone give a link to a website?
Saturday 20th August Trip Wire are a four piece pub/party band playing rock/pop covers from Blondie, U2, Kings of Leon, Pink, Muse, Bon Jovi, Evanescence, Guns n Roses, Fratellis etc
Friday 26th August A.K.A need more details on this gig. I think it is the Aka band from Brighton
Saturday 27th August The Bootleggars are a hot rockin' 10 piece rock pop and soul covers band
Friday 2nd Sept return gig by Two Choices
Saturday 3rd Sept RailRoad ZZ-top, ac/dc, Gary Moore numbers
Friday 9th Sept Full House.... A classic Brighton based rock band with Dan Davies (Guitar & Vocals), Steve Willis (Bass), Alex Hazle (Guitar & Vocals), Jonny Pallot (Drums & Vocals)
Saturday 10th Sept Iron Tyger make a welcome return
Friday 16th September Elliots Sleeping
Saturday 17th Sept Far Cry
Friday 23rd Sept ***** BeSharp have had to pull out and swap gigs withTrapper who will be playing an excellent selection of Beatles, Searchers and Hollies numbers
Saturday 24th Sept 'Kick' Rock covers band 70's, 80's, 90's and own numbers
Friday 30th Sept Lost The Plot playing Quo, Police and Snow Patrol numbers
Saturday 1st Oct White Light with rock mix from 1950's to modern. T-rex, Clash, Kaiser Chiefs, Snow Patrol
Friday 7th Oct BeSharp playing their mix of Steely Dan, Jimi and own material..(This was orinally billed as a gig for Trapper, but They swapped days with 23rd Sept!)
Saturday 8th October Foul Play playing rock numbers made famous by AC/DC, Bad Company, The Beatles, Bryan Adams, Beastie Boys
Friday 14th October The Heroes excellent vocals.. Country meets Rock. A good band to dance with. The Heroes have had to cancel at short notice. A disco will be held in place.
Saturday 15th October Mojo Makers playing tracks by the Killers, Blur, White Snake, Thin Lizzy to name but a few
Friday 21st October Mudbone playing Blues & Rock. Mudbone have cancelled at short notice and looks as though will be replaced by a Disco.
Saturday 22nd October Nice-Pear playing 60's, 70's and 80's
Friday 28th October IceCream Bikinis with their mix of Blondie, Specials....
Saturday 29th October Carbon Skyline a very good live covers band, well worth seeing!
Fri 4th November Trapper return with the sounds of the 60's. Songs from the Hollies, Searchers, Beatles and more with memories from Barry on the way!
Sat 5th November Tripod Dave is one of the South hardest working Rock and pop covers band with a wealth of experience and love to please the crowd with a great set list of old and new covers.
Fri 11th November 501 band make a welcome return...
Sat 12th November Iron Tyger
Fri 18th November Elliots Sleeping
Sat 19th November Mojo Makers playing tracks by the Killers, Blur, White Snake, Thin Lizzy to name but a few
Fri 25th November BeSharp
Sat 26th November White Light
Fri 2nd December Full House.... A classic Brighton based rock band with Dan Davies (Guitar & Vocals), Steve Willis (Bass), Alex Hazle (Guitar & Vocals), Jonny Pallot (Drums & Vocals)
Sat 3rd December IceCream Bikinis with their mix of Blondie, Specials....
Further Dec Gigs to follow I am awaiting confirmation from Margaret of December bands. All I know is hopefully Full House are playing New Years Eve if they can get a stand in drummer. Is there a drummer out there???

Future Dates in 2011 at The Kings Head, which I know of! I do get the official list a month before, fingers crossed!

Saturday 10th December Far Cry

Saturday 17th December Iron Tyger

and in 2012

Railroad are booked for Feb 10th, May 26th and Oct 5th

Bucklers Reel are booked for April 14th, 1st visit! Folk Rock at its finest...

Iron Tyger are booked for March 10th, June 9th, Sept 1st, Dec 1st

BeSharp are booked for Fri 20th July, Fri 28th September, Friday 9th November, Friday 14th November

Far Cry are booked for Sat April 28th, Sat June 23rd, Sat Sept 15th, Sat Dec 15th

Murdochs Crazy Eyes are booked for Fri 17th Feb

Our friends in Plumpton have 2500 tickets available for the above event

Yes... I enjoyed the week end!! Some excellent music, a pity that more did not attend!

Rob & Jo have now left the Plough. The Plough at Plumpton re opens on 10th November 2011 When Nicole welcomes all to a bonfire & BBQ fundraiser for Plumpton Football club. The Plough has a large attached field ideal for camping and live events....

Yes its 2012 now!

Seasonal Greetings to one and all... I just have been given the latest list! I will rapidly add and sort on another visit! Lots of new bands have been booked!

Fri 6th Jan 2012 Slight Return... Rock and Pop

Sat 7th Jan 2012 The Lucky Ones... Pop and Comedy 1930's-1990's mix

Friday 13th Jan 2012 A New Band called Billy NoMates... Rock & Pop

Sat 14th Jan 2012 Rhythm Method... Rock, 70's, 80's, 90's

Fri 20th Jan 2012 A new band called Trailer Trash... Rock

Sat 21st Jan 2012 Fixer... pop, Rock, Kings of Leon, Blur, The Killers

Fri 27th Jan 2012 The Bowmen Band...Pop, 80's, 90's, 00's, Travis, Kaiser Chiefs. I need the www for The Bowmen Band if the band can contact the webmaster. Thanks!

Sat 28th Jan 2012 Dynamite Baby... 60's, 70's, 80's, Pop Classics

Fri 3rd Feb 2012 *** Change of Band... Now a New Band called Run2 are playing who play Motown, and pop like Tina Turner, Bruno Mars, Blondie, Kings of Leon and Olly Murs ... They are replacing the originally announced New Band called Killer Joe... 50's, 60's, 70's Blues & Soul. I need www for Run2 if the band can contact the webmaster. Given link of but that doesnt appear to go anywhere! Whoops!

Sat 4th Feb 2012 Mimics are playing to replace Full House originally penciled in. A few youtube videos of the Mimics are online

Fri 10th Feb 2012 Rail Road.... Blues and Rock, ZZ-top, AC/DC

Sat 11th Feb 2012 New Band, No Way Out...Rock, 80's- Modern inc Queen, Bon-Jovi, Blondie

Fri 17th Feb 2012 Return of Murdochs Crazy Eyes, 70's, 80's, 90's to Modern Pop Classics. Seems ages ago we last saw them at The Kings Head!

Sat 18th Feb 2012 White Light Rock/Pop, T-Rex, The Clash, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs

Fri 24th Feb 2012 New Band Covered... 60's, 70's pop, blues, soul Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, , Blues Brothers. Have played with Geno Washington

Sat 25th Feb 2012 New Band, Who Slapped John? rock, Country, Rockabilly. Many You Tube videos.. just Google!

Special Notice!!!! Yes Magic Taxi are here live at the Kings Head for a 1 off gig!! Ben is returning from Aussie land and has agreed a 1 off gig! Yes on Sat 31st March 2012... put it in your diary!

March 2012
Sat 10th - IRON TYGER
Fri 16th - SOCIOLOGY
Sat17th - KICK Rock Covers Band
Sat 24th - NIGHTSHIFT, (60,70,80's)
Fri 30th - AKA BAND
Sat 31st - MAGIC TAXI....a one off reunion special event! All welcome!! Last event Maybe Ever at The Kings Head!

******* Pub closing 1st week of April, going to be boarded up! End of an era! The following events will not happen! However there is a strong rumour that The Cricketers want to take over the Gig list. Any News and I will post as I get it! Ian ******* Update from Kevin Benton of Fixer 20/03/12. Kevin has spoken to The Cricketers. They are still considering more live music. But maybe only once or twice a month!!! Help! We need a new decent live music venue in Mid Sussex!!! Any suggestions anybody! Feel free to email the editor.

April 2012 All now cancelled unfortunately
Sat 7th - FIXER
Fri 20th - ON THE ROCKS
Sat 21st - FOUL PLAY
Fri 27th - TRAPPER
Sat 28th - FAR CRY

May 2012 All now cancelled unfortunately
Fri 4th - BE SHARP make a very welcomed return
Sat 12th - NO WAY OUT
Fri 18th - FULL HOUSE
Fri 25th - WORD OF MOUTH

Any web links for the above bands are very welcomed! Bands please contact the webmaster! Thanks!

One band we haven't been able to see recently at the Kings Head in Burgess Hill is Murdochs Crazy Eyes... We really used to enjoy their visits. They tend to play a lot of private gigs nowadays. But I have been reliably told they are playing an open gig at the Anchor Inn at Barcombe near Lewes on Friday 15th July 2011 with an 8.30pm start. The Anchor Inn rests on the banks of the Ouse, you can sit and relax on the banks of the river with a pint and enjoy the band. Well worth a visit! Enjoy MCE at their best! Also on September 23rd 2011 enjoy Bikinis By The River, Royal Marsden Cancer Charity Event at Barcombe Mills with The Ice Cream Bikinis

Many visitors to The Kings Head Burgess Hill also visit the Stand Up Inn in Lindfield, for convenience a link to their events is posted here

Also a few get over to the White Hart at Ardingly, again for convenience we post a link for the events at The White Hart here

The Volunteer is also well worth a visit in Lewes, Bands such as Alvin Sawdust, Porchlight Smoker can be see here

The Snowdrop Inn in South Street Lewes also hosts again some excellent music nights. They have a new website now live!

The Six Bells in Chiddingly now posts its gig guide on Facebook, bands such as Supersaurus, Big Kahuna, Pearly Cubes can be seen here

The Master Mariner with its waterfront bar and restaurant in Brighton Marina also hosts live bands every saturday. Many bands such as Two Choices, Loznetto, Full House The Gingers Flowers band also play there..

Any other venues wishing a mention, again please get in touch, this website is independant & here to promote local good quality live music...

Let us hope this can become a useful online Gig List for Lewes, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Brighton and Sussex

New management and a new venue for live music is the Kings Head in North Chailey! Elliots Sleeping are playing live on Friday 25th November 2011

Incidentally The Winning Post in Plumpton Green gets some good live music somedays!! Coming up on Sat 4th February 2012 is Bucklers Reel who we enjoyed seeing last time out!

Soon also we hope to add lists and info of many of the past performers who we have seen play locally...

This is the only site at the moment with up-to-date info on events at The Kings Head Burgess Hill, unfortunately the other sites are no longer being updated!

Those looking for a Brighton Gig Guide.... Have a nose at Brighton Noise

Also there is the Brighton Skiddle and

Horsham has a good facebook page

Lemonrock carries a few... but not that well used unfortunately


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